The Madrassa Education system in Assam was grown up and flourished with the foundation of the Assam Madrassa in 1780 by the British East India Company. In 1915, the new scheme of Madrassa ...
At present, there are 614 recognised Madrassa in our state. 102 Madrassa are running under Senior Madrasah Education System and rest 512 Madrassa are under High Madrasah Education System :

1) 400 out of 614Madrassa are High Madrassa,112 Madrassa are Junior High Madrassa and remaining 102 Madrassa are Senior Madrassa

2) 66 Senior Madrassa have been upgraded to Fazil (10+2) Madrassa

3) 210 High Madrassa have been upgraded to Higher Secondary (10+2) Madrassa

4) 183 Madrassa are running with Vocational Courses for skill development.

Out of total recognized Madrassa 57 are girls, 554 are co-educational, 3 are boys and 17 are running under Urdu medium.

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